Baphomet (バフォメット (bafometto), ba-fo-met) is an upcoming character in Bolty Adventures.

They are introduced in ACT 1 and serve in Bolty Adventures with the ancestor role.


Baphomet is a white magic goat, they do have white fur with orange-blue gradients, they have dark scleras with orange and blue pupils (respectively), big hair on their head, long black horns, and large ears. it's likely that the hair stuff from below may be extra ears.

Baphomet usually wears a dark lavender coat with a fuschia shirt ressembling their blood color, dark purple pants and black shoes.

"The following details and the article Baphomet may contain Bolty Adventures Prologue/ACT1/ACT2 spoilers. "


Baphomet is have been being so lazy, yet serious about people's acts, nicely judging anyone if asked, Baphomet seems to hate genocidists, specially if someone may kill one of their most special friends (example: Azazel).

They are seen being calm and nice about people's work.

when Baphomet is in some serious expression, both of their eyes can go really dark, with a really deep voice.


As nothing much is known about Baphomet, much known is that Baphomet may be a Baphus/Omethx fusion.


Nothing is much about Baphomet, even though a reboot is coming, Baphomet was supposed to be an habitant in Shira , Place where Thira did live.


As told in Barriers and non-Barriers, before they got unfused, they also got to protect Thira when she was scared of the actions ocurring outside world.



  • Their name was supposed to be a cross between Zamenth and Azazel.


  • Baphomet was called S4t4n
  • S4t4n was a White rabbit with large black wings
  • S4t4n has a cartoon-ish rabbit skull as their head


  • S4t4n is renamed Rehibonish


  • Rehibonish is later renamed Baphomet
  • Baphomet is a goat silhouette (Black-Yellow)
  • Baphomet has wings
  • Baphomet is tall

2017 (18/12/17)

  • Baphomet is a kid
  • Baphomet is pastel blue
  • Baphomet is shorter

2018 (3/4/18)

  • Baphomet has a real "name". "Ritza"
  • Baphomet isn't a kid anymore.
  • Baphomet's hair is medium sized
  • Baphomet is a bit more taller

2018 (6/18)

  • Baphomet got another redesign
  • Baphomet is considered and confirmed as a fusion between Baphus and Omethx
  • Their look is more androgyne.
  • Baphomet has a orange eye and a blue eye.
  • Baphomet is white with some blue/orange gradients.


  • Baphomet's nickname "Sans Undertale" or "sans gaming" may be mostly because of their appareance when smiling and turning their orange eye off, reminding people to that.