Baphomet (バフォメット, pronounced Ba-FO-met ) is a supporting character in Bolty Adventures.

They are introduced in ACT 1 and serve in Bolty Adventures with an ancestor role.


Baphomet is a pastel blue Anthropomorphic Clouder goat with long ears and navy colored horns, they wear a mask and a neck bandana with the same colour, they also wear a cerulean shirt with aegan pants and magenta shoes.

Their appearance may change between episode events.

Baphomet used an simillar pose to the deity with the same name, this version also has the text ''Solve Et Coagula'' in their eyes' pupils instead of their arms.

Later, when Ingotz updated their appearance, Baphomet now looks and stands with a much different pose than the previous ones, doesn't has any Deity references anymore, and their look has a really big difference from the deity.


"The following details and the article Baphomet may contain Bolty Adventures Prologue/ACT1/ACT2 spoilers. "


Baphomet was an habitant in Shira , Place where Thira did live.

They later travel to the Main World where almost every main character lives on.


As told in Barriers and non-Barriers, they also got to protect Thira when she was scared of the actions ocurring outside world.



  • Baphomet was called S4t4n
  • S4t4n was a White rabbit with large black wings
  • S4t4n has a cartoon-ish rabbit skull as their head


  • S4t4n is renamed Rehibonish


  • Rehibonish is later renamed Baphomet
  • Baphomet is a goat silhouette (Black-Yellow)
  • Baphomet has wings
  • Baphomet is tall

2017 (18/12/17)

  • Baphomet is a kid
  • Baphomet is pastel blue
  • Baphomet is shorter

2018 (3/4/18)

  • Baphomet has a real "name". "Ritza"
  • Baphomet isn't a kid anymore.
  • Baphomet's hair is medium sized
  • Baphomet is a bit more taller


  • Baphomet is the tallest ancestor, yet the youngest from the show.
    • It may also be because Baphomet resets their life everytime they are 25, go back to 10, as seen in Barriers and non-Barriers.
  • It's the first kid known to be an ancestor, and have a very known ancestor role.
  • Baphomet is the youngest character in the show, so far, but this may change during the events from the show.
  • Baphomet's gender is viewer's choice, the creator noticed that people wanted Baphomet as a male, and others as a female, so he didn't wanted any arguings about that anymore, leaving Baphomet's gender to be anyone's choice.
  • Baphomet's is confirmed to be an Fuschia Blood
  • Baphomet loses their powerful essence when they resets their age.
    • That also means that Baphomet is not the most powerful character in Bolty Adventures